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Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Training Courses

The National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) has developed the following Child Passenger Safety (CPS) training courses.  They provide accurate, up-to-date occupant protection to CPS advocates who work with State and local CPS programs to promote the correct use and installation of appropriate child safety seats.


NHTSA CPS Awareness Courses

The primary purpose of CPS awareness workshops is to provide basic information on the correct use of child safety seats.  The format is flexible and workshops typically last between 2 and 16 hours, based on the audience and the training objectives.  CPS awareness workshops make it possible to reach individuals and organizations that might not commit to a longer and more involved course.

Course Descriptions

Coordinating a NHTSA Short Course

The NHTSA CPS Awareness Courses should be taught by a nationally certified CPS instructor or technician.  Additional staff may be needed for the hands-on portion of the training, which requires an instructor/participant ratio of one to five.  Contact the CPS coordinator in your local health department or the CDPH Vehicle Occupant Safety Program for assistance in arranging a class.


NHTSA CPS Technician Certification Program

The National Standardized Child Passenger Safety Training Program was created to meet the growing need for people with a high level of CPS knowledge and a standardized set of qualifications.  Training is intended to prepare individuals for the real-life situations they will encounter when helping families learn about properly installing child safety seats and securing their children.  Becoming a confident and competent technician requires manyhours of supervised seat installation practice beyond this course.

NHTSA CPS Technician Renewal Course ( for CPS Techs who certification has lapsed)

SAFE KIDS CPS Technician update/Refresher Course

This course was designed to help certified CPS technicians and technicians-instructors stay up-to-date in the ever changing CPS environment.  Participants gain a clear understanding of difficult or often-misunderstood CPS topics, obtain updated or advanced information about changing CPS technology and to learn help correct the errors and misinformation commonly witnessed in the field.

  • CPS Instructor Locator- Contact a certified CPS instructor, the CPS Coordinator in your local health department or the CDPH Vehicle Occupant Safety Program for assistance in arranging a class.


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