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Breastfeeding and Healthy Living: Courses for Professionals

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Distance Learning Courses
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Individual Modules

Lactation Liaison:

Product Descriptions:   CD ROMS, Power Point presentations. Self teaching tools 

  • Breastfeeding- An essential Guide" Format A: Power Point with narration covering basics of breastfeeding, including photographs of latch and other important techniques.  Includes the first few days and weeks after delivery.  45 minutes $39.95
  • Breastfeeding- An Essential Guide" Format B: Slide show that instructor can advance  at own pace.  Same information as Format A, but includes detailed speaker notes.  Ideal for teaching breastfeeding classes or new staff development $39.95
  • Lactation Education- A Guide for the Health Care Professional".  Same as Format B but also contains global policies, clinical manifestations and treatment strategies for various lactation disorders, documentation/legal issues, and the role of the LC.  Ideal presentation for the experienced lactation educator to educate staff who will be assisting breastfeeding mothers. $59.95
  • Breastfeeding...On the GO!" Format A: automatic slide show with audio narration, designed as self teaching tool for breastfeeding mothers returning to work or school.  $59.95
  • Breastfeeding…On the Go!" Format B: Covers information listed in Format A, without narration and has detailed speaker notes.  Ideal tool for teaching breastfeeding classes to mothers returning to work or school.  $59.95
"A Breastfeeding Clinic"
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UCDavis Human Lactation Center:

Independent Study Modules:

  • "The Role of Long-chain fatty Acids in Infant Health: Helping Families Make Informed Decisions about DHA" $37.95
  • "Overweight and Obesity in Children and Their Mothers: Does Breastfeeding Make a Difference?  $37.95

All-In-One Training Kits, those include printed note pages on CD, materials and instructions of class activities, evaluation.  Titles include:

  • Weight Loss Diets and Exercise during Lactation: What Health Professionals Need to Know
  • Screening Mothers for Referrals to Lactation Consultants
  • No Cry for Help: Why Breastfeeding Support Services May not Be Utilized
  • No Cry for Help: Empowering Women in Counseling and Education Settings

Step by Step guidebooks help you create effective and powerful working groups in your region.  Topics include:

  • The Practical Guide to Working with Groups to Promote and Support Breastfeeding
  • The Practical Guide to Strategic Planning for Breastfeeding Coalitions
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