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Information regarding the proposed elimination of the California Department of Public Health Recreational Health Program - April 5, 2012

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The mission of the Recreational Health and Beach Safety Program in the Environmental Management Branch is to safeguard life, health, and property and public welfare by promoting and assuring the safety of recreational waters through the development of protective standards, regulations, and monitoring requirements.   In this regard, the program:

  • Works with the general public, industry, State government, and local government to promote and assure the safety of recreational waters throughout the State.
  • Is responsible for developing and implementing initiatives to systemically attack the underlying causes of preventable disease and hazardous conditions associated with our coastal waters, swimming pools and other recreational waters. 
  • Allocates over $1.5 million in assistance funding to local government through contracts to test ocean and bay waters along public beaches to ensure that they are safe for recreational activities. If the water quality is unsafe then local governments are required to close or restrict the uses of beaches and advise the public.
  • Allows the Department to address and resolve environmental health and safety conditions that are caused by federal, state and local program deficiencies and differences in these areas.
  • Develops regulatory requirements and guidelines for beaches, fresh water bathing areas, public swimming pools and spas.
  • Develops regulatory requirements and guidelines for the operation of organized camps.

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For more about Recreational Health and Beach Safety Program activities, contact Mark Jeude by phone at 916 449-5693 or by e-mail to Mark Jeude.


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