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California Regional mPINC Survey Data for Previous Year (2007)

 MO-11-0034 BFP

California Regional mPINC Survey Data, 2007

The California Department of Public Health, Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Division, developed regional mPINC Benchmark Reports to provide Regional Perinatal Programs of California (RPPC) Coordinators with local data to facilitate their work with hospitals and birth centers in improving breastfeeding care. RPPC regional reports summarize each region’s overall composite (total mPINC) score, as well as sub-scale scores for each of the seven mPINC dimensions of care (labor and delivery care, feeding of breastfed infants, breastfeeding assistance, contact between mother and infant, facility discharge care, staff training, and structural/organizational aspects of care delivery) in comparison to State scores. In addition, the percent of facilities that provided the ideal response to each survey item is reported for regions with at least 5 facilities participating in the mPINC Survey. For more information about the RPPC Program, visit the RPPC Program website.

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