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Birth and Death Profiles by ZIP Code

If you need assistance finding the ZIP Codes associated with a city or town, or identifying a particular ZIP code, please use the United States Postal Service's ZIP Code Lookup.


Birth Profiles

Birth Profiles by ZIP Code are tabulations of births by ZIP code of mother's residence.  Data are aggregated by race/ethnic group of mother, age of mother, infant birthweight, and prenatal care trimester by ZIP code.  For more information and historical tables, click here.  

2007 - (PDF, 1.6MB) ...Excel


Death Profiles

Death Profiles by ZIP Code are tabulations of deaths to California residents by ZIP Code of decedent’s residence.  Data are aggregated by decedent's sex, age, and cause of death.  For more information and historical tables, click here.   

 2005 - (PDF) ...Excel 


For More Information 

OHIR Program Page - provides more information about the Office of Health Information and Research.

Statistics Page - provides additonal data statistics.

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