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Vital Records Image Redaction and Statewide Access (VRIRSA)

VRIRSA was created in response to the growing problem of identity theft to the people of California.  The system creates “Informational Only” copies of birth certificates, while ensuring that only those legally entitled receive Authorized copies by providing a sworn statement.  The objective of the VRIRSA system is for county or State representatives to have the ability to easily and quickly search, request, and print informational-only copies of redacted birth and death certificates.

What is Redacted on the Certificates?

VRIRSA goes through a process that redacts certain signatures, social security numbers and sensitive health information, concealing these areas from public view with either a solid black or white rectangular box.

Who Can Request Redacted Birth and Death Certificates

Anyone can order an informational copy of a birth record by contacting either their County Recorders (CRs), Local Registration Districts (LRDs), or the California Department of Public Health Vital Records.  Informational copies must be ordered from the county where the birth occurred, or from the State office.  As an example, if a citizen currently lives in Los Angeles county but was born in Alameda county and is requesting their informational-only birth certificate then the citizen must contact Alameda county to retrieve this certificate, not the Los Angeles county department.  The VRIRSA system will not allow county representatives to retrieve copies outside of their jurisdiction.

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