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Surveyor Workload Analysis Tracking (SWAT) 

Project Background

L&C is responsible for licensing and certifying health care facilities.  The L&C staff who perform licensing and certification activities (surveyors) are located in field offices throughout the state.  The surveyors conduct inspections, surveys, and evaluations of health facilities to ensure compliance with State and federal laws, rules, regulations, and codes.


L&C’s Administration Branch is responsible for:

·        Consolidating, validating, and evaluating the data from approximately 2,200 monthly activities worksheets.

·        Ensuring activities conducted by field office staff are charged to the appropriate funding source.

·        Submitting Statistic Reports to the department’s Accounting Section.

·        Reporting licensing annual workload to the legislature.

·        Reporting certification workload and forecasting future fiscal year’s budget to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

·        Calculating appropriate health facilities state licensing fees.

 Approximately 600 L&C field and contract surveyors generate their personal activities on Excel worksheets on a weekly basis; approximately 100 field office managers and supervisors are responsible for reviewing and approving the worksheets.


Project Scope 

 The Surveyor Workload Analysis Tracking (SWAT) is a planned intranet project with the following objectives:

  • Surveyor Activity Tracking – SWAT will capture in a timely, highly efficient and accurate manner, the amount of time surveyors spend performing activities related to licensing and certifying health care facilities.
  • Facility License Calculation – SWAT will improve the Licensing and Certification (L&C) business processes by providing the dynamic information necessary to accurately calculate the annual health facility licensing fees.

SWAT will replace the existing “system” of Excel templates and an Access database. The project will utilize a CMAS IT vendor for the design, development, and implementation of the SWAT intranet system.  In addition, L&C will leverage the existing Electronic Licensing Management System’s (ELMS) technical architectures (including the hardware, software and database licenses) for SWAT.

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