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LFS - Health Application Licensing (HAL) System

Laboratory Field Services electronically stores license data for California based and out-of-state based clinical laboratories, public health laboratories, and clinical laboratory personnel in the Health Application Licensing (HAL) system.  The system has a subsystem identified as the Laboratory Personnel Website (LPW) that is an ITSD-developed and maintained web-based application using the HAL System data that allows the public to verify, on the internet, whether an individual has been issued a clinical laboratory personnel license.  The system can be searched by last name and first name, partial last name, license number, and 37 license categories.  The information available for public viewing is as accurate and reliable as possible with the limitations of the HAL System.  The LPW is highly utilized by stakeholders.

The HAL System was developed in 1986-87 by the Department of Consumer Affairs and was acquired by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) in 1987.  The HAL System is an Adabas database application written in Natural program language.  The system resides on an IBM/S/390 mainframe computer at the Department of Technology Services (DTS). 

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