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HAL-PER for Clinical Laboratory Personnel Licensing

The Health Application Licesning (HAL) system for clinical laboratory personnel is named HAL-PER and is used exclusively by Laboratory Field Services.

The process for initial licensing involves the receipt and processing of either an online or a paper-based application and fee and results in the issuance a new occupational license. There are approximately 37 different types of occupational licenses. On a monthly basis, approximately 150 requests for personnel licensing are received. There are approximately 20,000 active licensees.  There are approximately 10,000 inactive licenses and a total of about 70,000 licenses (which includes terminated licenses) in HAL (the licenses move between active and inactive and finally to terminated).

The licensing renewal process involves the receipt and data entry into HAL-PER of a paper-based renewal application and fee to renew an occupational license. Continuing education (CE) course data is entered into HAL-PER.  Approximately 2,000 renewal notices are sent per month.

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