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   GIS Day 2012

Open House:  9:30 AM - 4 PM November 14, 2012

Featured Speaker: M. Nabil Fares, Deputy Director - Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services

Richmond:  Room C-140, Building C; Sacramento:  Room 74.718 (American River Room)

WebEx and Teleconference Details below;  9 AM - 4 PM  "Where in California Are you?" Contest


  • 9:30          Anne Millington, ITSD & Svetlana Smorodinsky, OHB:  Welcome & CDPH GIS updates
  • 10:00        Rebecca Cohen, EHIB:  Using GIS to Better Understand Heat Wave Mortality
  • 10:30        Sandy Navarro, CFH:  SAS Coding & our Spatial Data: Practical applications 
  • 11:00        Svetlana Smorodinsky, OHB:  From Idea to Map: Case Study of Healthcare Facility Inspections
  • 11:30        Scott Gregory, CTA:  GIS in California
  • 12:30        M. Nabil Fares, ITSD:  CDPH GIS
  • 1:00          Break/Refreshments
  • 1:30          Anthony Barnes & Bhavdeep Sachdev, CPNS:  California Nutrition Network Viewer: Present & Future
  • 2:00          CDPH 2nd Annual GEOpardy   Richmond v Sacramento, real Time!
  • 3:00          Svetlana Smorodinsky, OHB & Anne Millington, ITSD: Wrap up


“Where in California Are You?” Contest

This contest is held on-line only, 9 AM to 4 PM on Wednesday, 11/14.  This year it is in SurveyMonkey form, accessible via internet/intranet.  The SurveyMonkey entry form is linked here.  A high resolution pdf of the poster is available for viewing here.  Please fill out and submit the SurveyMonkey form to participate in the contest; the link will go live at 9 AM.

There will be prizes for top winners from all CDPH locations.  In case of ties, there will be a raffle for the prizes.  Prizes include tee-shirts, books, water bottles, and other items.


Questions or Comments?

Please contact:  Svetlana Smorodinsky, MPH, Occupational Health Branch, svetlana.smorodinsky@cdph.ca.gov

Anne Millington, DVM, GISP, Information Technology Services Division, anne.millington@cdph.ca.gov 

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