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Available Marriage Variables

The table below lists variables found on two different types of marriage data files; Marriage Index Files and Marriage Statistical Master Files.  Not all variables listed are available for all years.  The coding of variables may also change over time.  For more information about specific variables, please contact the Health Information and Research Section.


Variable Marriage Index Marriage Statistical Master
Age of Bride  X  X
Age of Groom  X  X
County of Issuing License  X  X
County of Marriage  X  X
Cross Reference  X  
Date of Marriage  X  X
Dissolution of Last Marriage (Bride)    X
Dissolution of Last Marriage (Groom)    X
First Name of Bride  X  X
First Name of Groom  X  X
Last Name of Bride  X  X
Last Name of Groom  X  X
Local Registrar's Number  X  X
Middle Initial of Bride  X  X
Middle Initial of Groom  X  X
Number of this Marriage (Bride)    X
Number of this Marriage (Groom)    X
Place (State) of Birth (Bride)    X
Place (State) of Birth (Groom)    X
Place of Residence  (Bride)    X
Place of Residence (Groom)    X
State File Number  X  X

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