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Radioactive Materials

The Radiologic Health Branch licenses users of radioactive material and registers persons possessing generally licensed devices containing radioactive materials. For instance, radioactive materials are used by:

  • Universities and laboratories to conduct scientific research.
  •  Medical and veterinary hospitals and clinics to diagnose and treat human beings and animals.
  •  Nuclear pharmacies that manufacture and distribute radiopharmaceuticals.
    Blood banks to sterilize blood.
  •  Companies that provide services, such as sterilization of medical supplies, facility decontamination, and waste processing.
  • Gauge operators to determine properties of materials, such as moisture, density, thickness, level, and lead content.
  • Well loggers to conduct oil drilling operations and industrial radiographers to determine construction integrity.

For questions regarding generally licensed devices, send your question to RHBGLLicensingInfo@cdph.ca.gov.

Medical Use Licensees - click here for information regarding adoption of new regulations (10 CFR 35).

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