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RML - Medical Use of Radioactive Material

Update history:

  1. Nonsubstantial corrections  (11-18-13)
  2. Information Notice: 5th in series (Link #2 below)  (2-10-11)
  3. Workshop Presentations (#7 below) (1-13-11)
  4. Temporary forms posted (12-30-10)
  5. Information Notice: 4th in series (#2 is below) (11-10-10)


  1. Adopted regulations: DPH-05-018, Medical Use of Radioactive material.  Click on "Approved Regulation Text." 
  2. Information Notices
  3. Part 35 Questions and Answers. Some of the questions and answers were developed using a version or sections of Part 35 that are not adopted by the State of California and may not apply.
  4. NUREG-1556 Volume 9, Revision 2 
  5. NUREG-1556 Volume 11 
  6. Part 35 Workshop - Presentations (presenter)
  7. Part 35.1000 Guidance.

Inquiries regarding the changes in medical licenses may be directed to:
Name:  Ira Schneider
Phone:  (916) 440-7976
Email:   ira.schneider@cdph.ca.gov


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Specialty Board(s) Certification Recognized by NRC Under 10 CFR Part 35

  • Authorized User
    • Instructions for Form RH 313A (AU) (Video Guide) Links to video guide for completing the RH 313A (AU) Training and Experience Form.
    • Form RH 313A (AU) (PDF) Links to form to apply for authorized user status under either 35.100, 35.200, 35.300, 35.400, 35.500 or 35.600.
    • For physicians who wish to apply for 35.1000 authorization, refer to the applicable RHB or NRC guidance and submit the required specific training and experience documentation separately. If  requirements under 35.190, 35.290, 35.390, 35.490, 35.590 or 35.690 are required, you may use the RH 313A (AU) to document that portion of the training and experience.
  • Radiation Safety Officer
  • Authorized Medical Physicist
  • Authorized Nuclear Pharmacist


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