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Medical Waste Transfer Stations and Offsite Treatment Facilities


CDPH's Medical Waste Management Program (MWMP) ensures the proper handling and disposal of medical waste by permitting and inspecting medical waste Treatment Facilities and Transfer Stations (PDF)Opens in a new window.throughout the state.

For the purpose of medical waste management:

  • "Onsite"means a medical waste treatment facility, or common storage facility on the same or adjacent property as the generator of the medical waste being treated. 
  • "Offsite" means any location that is not onsite.  Offsite treatment facilities are required to scan for radioactive materials in the medical waste stream.  See:  Radioactive Medical Waste Handling Guidance (PDF)Opens in a new window.

In order to legally store, transfer and/or treat medical waste in California, complete the relevant areas of the application form for onsite or offsite medical waste facility permit as required by the Medical Waste Management Act (MWMA).


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