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Universal Pre-Application for Funding for Public Water Systems

Last Update: June 27, 2014

Universal Pre-Application

CDPH uses a “Universal Pre-Application” for projects to be considered for funding. The Universal Pre-Application is open continuously for submission and can be found here.  After submission, Pre-Applications are ranked according to SDWSRF ranking criteria. Eligible Pre-Applications are added periodically to the Project Priority List following public review and comment.

The following links provide information about the Universal Pre-Application process:

Emergency Projects

Pre-applications submitted for emergency projects will be immediately ranked and adopted to the SDWSRF PPL, allowing applicants to submit a full SDWSRF application for expedited processing. Your local CDPH district office will contact you once your emergency pre-application is received and further advise you in submitting a full application for SDWSRF funding. Please be aware that an “emergency” refers to a public water system suffering from an emergency event resulting in a water outage or an imminent threat of a water outage.

Once your emergency pre-application is received, please begin preparing a full SDWSRF application for funding pending follow-up from your local CDPH district office. The full SDWSRF application can be found at: http://www.cdph.ca.gov/services/funding/Pages/SRFapplication.aspx

Addition Funding Information

Questions or Comments?

 Please e-mail any questions or comments to our funding program at dwpfunds@cdph.ca.gov.

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