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The federal Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1996 (SDWA) were signed into law in part because of the significant problems that small public water systems (SWS) had in providing safe, reliable drinking water to their customers.  The SDWA emphasized technical, managerial, and financial (TMF) prevention and assistance to resolve the problems.  It included mandates to the states to prevent new non-viable systems.  It also mandated the development and implementation of a comprehensive capacity development strategy to assist public water systems in obtaining adequate capacity.  The SDWA provided the resources and flexibility to accomplish the end objective.

In 1997 Senate Bill (SB) 1307 became law, enabling California to implement the provisions of the federal SDWA.  This statute established a financial assistance program entitled the State Revolving Fund (SRF), which included a comprehensive technical assistance program for small systems.  In order to help ensure the provision of safe, reliable drinking water to customers on a long term basis, this legislation was designed to prevent the formation of a new public water system or the approval of a public water system change of ownership unless that system had been determined by the State to have adequate TMF capacity.

CDPH developed TMF capacity criteria based on guidance provided by the federal Environmental Protection Agency, experience in CDPH’s Drinking Water Program and Local Primacy Agencies, and experiences of other states.  Input also was received from affected stakeholders and the public.  The current TMF Assessment Information can be found at the links noted below.

The Drinking Water Program provides free technical help through contracts with Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC), California Rural Water Association (CRWA) and Self Help Enterprises (SHE).  If you need help with Technical, Managerial or Financial issues or help with the SRF Funding Program contact your local CDPH District Map or your Local Primacy Agency to see if you qualify.

For more drinking water-related information, see the links at Public Drinking Water Systems and Small Water Systems – Technical Support Unit.

FREE:  For a measure of a public water system’s TMF capacity and a list of resources to help build TMF capacity, go to the TMF Tune-Up.

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