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DWSAP Program:  Guidance

Last Update:  October 5, 2007

These Source Water Assessment and Protection (DWSAP) Program guidance documents, for CDPH staff and for staff of Local Primacy Agency (LPA) counties, are intended to help in the preparation and review of source water assessments. Water systems or others using these documents are urged to contact their local DHS district office or LPA county if they have specific questions.

Most of the background information on assessment procedures can be found in the DWSAP Program Document (PDF, 1.6MB)Opens in new window., prepared by the Department of Health Services, the precursor to CDPH.

Surface Water Sources — Guidance and Forms 

Surface water source assessments should be submitted using the TurboSWAP program.   This section includes guidance for surface water source assessments.  It also includes forms that can be used to prepare assessments for surface water sources, but the use of TurboSWAP is highly encouraged. When the assessment report for a source is completed, a paper copy of the report should be submitted to the local CDPH district office (PDF)Opens in new window..

Ground Water Sources Information and Forms

TurboSWAP is available for existing groundwater sources used for drinking water. 

These forms are intended to be used for an assessment for a new source, and the forms are structured so that CDPH staff can enter the assessment into TurboSWAP easily.  We recommend that those who propose to use these forms contact their district engineer first. When the assessment report for a source is completed, a paper copy of the report should be submitted to the local CDPH district office (PDF)Opens in new window..

Small Water Systems — Forms for Ground Water Sources and Surface Water Sources (May 2002)

These Source Water Assessment forms are for small water systems doing assessments for new sources. They are not as complete as those presented elsewhere, because DHS' intention is that the water system will collect the basic data, and the CDPH district or local primacy agency (LPA) will enter the information into TurboSWAP when they issue the permit. This process is more effective and expeditious than teaching small water system personnel all the procedures for source water assessments.  When the assessment forms for a source are completed, a paper copy of the forms should be submitted to the local CDPH district office (PDF)Opens in new window. or LPA.

Transient Non-Community Systems

Ground Water Sources for Transient Non-Community Systems (PDF)Opens in new window.— Forms (February 2003)

Other Guidance

Other Guidance (PDF)Opens in new window. (Completion of an Assessment, Delineation of Protection Zones for Wells Close Together, Horizontal Wells, and Springs

    Data Sheets 

    DWSAP Updates

    • Updates ("Newsletters")Opens in new window. from DHS during the implementation of the DWSAP program (tips, suggestions, additional information).


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